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About Us

MUKIL FM is the pioneer in online Tamil radios and in 1st rank around 150 Tamil radios, and also 3rd rank in across the globe around 75,000 radios in various languages. Streaming round the clock programs of Talks, Songs and News in the Genre of Cinema, Sports, Technology, Political, Stories, Tips and Comedy to fulfill the information and entertainment needs of the global Tamil audience.

Listen our Mukil FM through, MukilApp and 100+ Portals, Directories and Mobile Apps. All the programs are based on GMT as Standard time. A Bridge to bind all the Tamils living in more than 150 countries beyond all the differences in the form of culture, country, race, religion. All our programs have information on various topics like cinema, Sports, Tourism, Debates, Articles, Business, Politics, Agriculture, Science, Spirituals, Cooking, Beauty, Health, Home Care Tips to cover all the age groups.

Our Milestone

  • 2006

    Started research and development on media
  • 2008

    Started Portals and Test broadcasting
  • 2010

    Launched 1st online radio in tamil with our own unique technology.
  • 2015

    Optimized and rebranded as “Mukil FM” and also released the mobile application “MukilApp”

Though many online radios have been launched after getting inspired by “Mukil FM”, It still retains and remains in the no.1 position among all online tamil radios. All our programs are compared and presented with a simple and sweet style of language blended with top hit songs covering middle and latest releases which are suitable to the program and also appropriate to the information delivered by the RJs in a genuine manner without any intention to hurt anyone or any group.

Globally important news from various genre is shared in between our specific shows at a particular intervals. Mukil FM is integrated in numerous websites, web portals, directories and mobile apps because of the quality and uniqueness of the programs.

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